Wet N' Wild Yoni Bar

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Our Wet N' Wild Yoni Bar is here just in time as the weather starts to heat up. This bar features mango butter and coconut milk to help provide moisture and other needed nutrients to your yoni and your skin. This yoni bar is made is with a mix of organic and natural ingredients that help with symptoms related to menopause, vaginal dryness, strengthening and toning of uterine muscles, relaxation, hormone regulation, reduction of cysts, pain & inflammation, has some wound healing properties, and may help fight off infections. You'll smell notes of jasmine and lavender giving you a nice floral scent you'll love topped with a bit of wild mix of red clover, lavender, and red rose petals!


Contains: Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Lye, Castor Oil, Lavender, Red Clover, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yogurt, Maca Root, Jasmine Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosehip Oil, Red Rose Petals