Herbs We Use

This page offers information on each herb used in our yoni products. As always if you have further questions please reach out on Facebook or Instagram @naturalnessyonicollection or you can select the contact us page.


Alfalfa – is a superfood with many benefits like relieving aching joints, detoxing the body, balancing hormones, lowering blood pressure, boosting fertility.

Ashwagandha- helps with anxiety and depression, increases libido, and can be used as a tonic.

               *may interfere with sedatives and cause extreme drowsiness.

               *do not use if taking medication for thyroid function may interfere.

Basil- This is an antispasmodic that helps to relieve cramps, tones, and strengthens uterine muscles.

Calendula-Helps to soothe the skin, heal scars, vaginal tears, and hemorrhoids.

Chamomile- An anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic herb that helps to ease anxiety, insomnia, depression, ease cramps, and reduce symptoms related to PMS.

Ceylon Cinnamon- is an antimicrobial with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It may also help reduce pain, balance hormones, and support healthy circulation.

Damiana- may help increase libido, fight depression and anxiety, and provides digestion support.

               *may interfere with sedatives and cause extreme drowsiness.

Dandelion Root- helps to promote healthy circulation, digestion, and helps to cleanse and tone the yoni.

Echinacea-helps to reduce inflammation, provide immunity support, fights uterine infections, has some antiviral properties, and promote healthy cell growth.

Fenugreek- stimulates hair growth and boosts testosterone.

Garlic- great for fighting off candida and bacterial infections.

Ginger- has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes healthy circulation, may also aid in the reduction of fibroids, and help with symptoms related to endometriosis.

Lavender- Known as one of the most relaxing herbs lavender is antimicrobial, aids in the healing process, and may help regulate menses.

Lemon Balm- is an antiviral that helps to reduce pain and skin irritation (is great for those with HSV), helps relax uterine muscles, helps with stress and anxiety, and can help with symptoms related to PMS.

Maca Root- helps to boost energy, help balance hormones, increase libido and stamina, help with symptoms related to menopause, and boost fertility.

Motherwort- This is a great astringent that helps to tone and cleanse the yoni, ease cramping, uterine fibroids, symptoms related to endometriosis, and symptoms related to menopause.

Peppermint-is an anti-viral, anti-spasmodic, antibacterial, can help relieve cramps.

Red Clover – may help relieve menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes, it may also help ease menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalance, and aid in the reduction of a cyst.

Red Raspberry Leaf- helps to tone and strengthen uterine muscles. It is great for those trying to get pregnant.

Rosemary- Is aromatic and has antimicrobial properties. It May help with bacterial infections, has wound healing properties, and stimulates menstruation.

Red Rose Petals- A great tonic that helps to soften the skin, heal wounds, and detox the yoni.

Sage- Great herb that helps with depression, memory loss, energy cleansing, cramps, relaxation, and releasing unwanted energy. It also has antispasmodic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

Saw Palmetto- improves urinary tract function, overall prostate health, can stimulate hair growth, and help with inflammation.

Turmeric- reduces inflammation, has antioxidants, and may inhibit new tumor growth.

*All the herbs used in these products have been chosen because they have minimal contradictions with other drugs, and many of the side effects are mild and rarely occur. Also, many of the side effects occur with heavy consumption. Please follow all directions and use the correct amount of herbs when yoni steaming.

* If you have any concerns about medications and herbs used in the products please refer to your physician for advice. All ingredients are listed below the product description. If you are using an IUD, pregnant, or breastfeeding do not perform yoni steams.