Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yoni steam?

Yoni Steaming is a holistic and gentle form of hydrotherapy that supports a woman's reproductive system. It is a sacred ritual that has been around for decades to help detox, relax, and heal women of common reproductive issues, release stored trauma, and reconnect with their womb.

How do I yoni steam at home?

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Who should avoid yoni steaming?

Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should not yoni steam. Women who use an IUD or Intrauterine Device for their birth control method should not yoni steam to avoid shifting or infection. Women who are menstruating, have open sores or blisters, or have an active infection should avoid yoni steaming.

I’ve had discharge, induced bleeding, or expelled loose mucus-like tissue. Is that normal?

Yes! Yoni steaming helps to detox the yoni. With this may come onset bleeding or discharge. Some women have also reported loosened mucus-like tissue being expelled from the yoni, which is also normal. All of these are signs that the steam is working!

What if I don’t have a yoni steam seat?

No worries, you can use a heat-safe glass bowl or wooden bowl that fits into your toilet. You can also choose to squat over your bowl. We will be adding some visuals of the different positions you can choose from.

I’m skeptical about trying a yoni steam, my doctor said I should avoid it.

As always if you have any pre-existing conditions or are taking any medications please consult with your physician before introducing new herbs to your holistic care routine. However, many of the herbs used in our yoni steams are mild and some may even be in your kitchen cabinet like basil, thyme, ginger, and turmeric just to name a few. All of the herbs used in our products have been thoroughly researched with studies that confirm how beneficial they are for reproductive health. Also, it’s comforting to know that this is not something that just came about. Women have been using yoni steams to maintain reproductive health, treat menstrual disorders, and recover after childbirth for years. Many of us come in contact with herbs daily without even knowing. Some manufacturers isolate properties from specific herbs to create medicines, hair products, cleaning products, and more! On top of that, there are thousands of testimonies that will inspire you and help ease your concerns. Remember you are in control of your journey and you should only steam when it feels right.

Can I have sex after yoni steaming?

Yes! It is safe to engage in intercourse after a yoni steaming ritual. Yoni steaming may increase stamina, vaginal tightness, and vaginal moisture.

How often should I yoni steam?

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Where can I find your products?

At this time you can order online, purchase from The Black Friday Market, or check out our events page to get the in person experience of NaturalNess Yoni Collection.

Can I order through social media?

We will no longer be accepting orders via social media! In order for you to recieve your order you must place an order online or go in store!

Do you offer customized products/wholesale orders?      

Yes, please fill out our request form located under the By the Pound tab. You can expect a response within 24 hours.

Will you be at any local events?

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Are all your soaps versatile?

Please refer to the which line is best for you. There are several products that are multi-functional.

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