About Us

Hello beautiful people, my name is Vanessa McLamb the creator and owner of NaturalNess Yoni Collection LLC. I would like to share with you how my healing journey to yoni wellness developed into a passion for personal care! Like many women, I have had my share of struggles when it comes to yoni wellness. For years I have struggled with PCOS, infertility, and issues with recurring infections that lead me to start doing some research. I decided to do my first yoni steaming session at home, and the rest was history. Who knew that five organic herbs would change my life and offer relief after years of struggling. Soon after the wheels began to turn, and NaturalNess Yoni Collection LLC was born!

NaturalNess Yoni Collection is a plant-based personal care line, specializing in all-natural products that help improve our overall reproductive health and skincare regimen! All products are 100% all-natural using just the right mix of organic herbs, oils, and essential oils. I provide quality products that work! Recognizing the uniqueness of every woman and man we've created several collections and other products with a little something for everyone! So, take a look and take the next step in your wellness journey!